Monday, October 14, 2013

Tokyo 2020

Tokyo will host the 2020 Olympics and, unfortunately, women wrestling probably will not be among the sporting events. As a replacement, the local organizing committee is already evaluating alternatives as you can see in this documentary recently released. Hope they select all of them.



  1. Yes, women's wrestling should be in 2020 Olympics

  2. The only prediction one can say about the cancellation of wrestling in the 2016 Summer Olympics or beyond (for males or females) is that any prediction predicting what will happen is complete guesswork at this time and the very near, short-term future. Currently, no one can even fathom a hint of prediction of what's in store 7 yrs. from now (let alone 3 yrs.). My guess is wrestling for both genders will continue because the major medal-winning nations will back it to the hilt and will have enough popular support from each of their national teams as well as grass-roots popular support at home to pressure or move the International Olympic Committee to continue with it.

    Time will tell but I predict with 100% certainty that holding your breath for Olympic's wrestling demise would be bad for your health.

  3. Replies
    1. My best guess: a soft core adult movie from Hong Kong. Title: unknown. Sorry

  4. Title is Spiral Zone by Takao Nakano

  5. I'm looking for the Catfights from an older Takao Nakano film, Playgirls. Can anyone direct me where to purchase these?

  6. Dose anybody know where can download the full movie?....If know ..please tell me ..diffuclt to look for this movie..thanks