Monday, November 25, 2013

An Western Translation Of A Far Eastern Fighting Style

This video about a class of young students of sumo stayed on YouTube for a few moments last week. And for obvious reasons: those loincloths do not adhere to the sharing site standards (hope it can stay here for longer...). In the second part there is another sumo fight: well, sort of... Made in Austria by Catfight Corner, it uses some of gestures of its Eastern counterpart and a (bigger) loincloth; but it prefers to use the garments as weapons for wedgies and fighting quickly gives space to a nude encounter of a lesbian nature. With a little more sensibility to the original sumo aspects - very sexy by itself - they would have produced a more interesting product.

   I don´t know the source of the Japanese video; the Catfight Corner is E-C-C 139 Bianca Germany vs Sexy Mo.


  1. Not too long ago, female sumo wrestling was enjoying a type of "renaissance" in the U.S.A. There was a very noticeable rise in new interest but since then it appears to have waned ...

    I Loved It !!! ...

    Japan is again ahead of the curve in this genre and it should definitely be supported by as many fans as possible (imho).

    Actually, I think it would greatly enhance the sport if more traditional or conventional fem wrestling and grappling aspects were allowed into it.

    It's inspiring and sexy as hell but all that belt grabbing and movement whose only goal is throwing your opponent out of bounds can only go so far to keep the activity going. In other words, once you're thrown out, that's about it.

    I absolutely gravitate towards female sumo wrestling wherever and whenever possible ... It's always going to have my support. The only observation I would add is the women should never laugh, smile or giggle ... that's retarded (imho).

    Separately, I just want to wish you a Great Thanksgiving and a General, Super, Great Thanks for Everything you've done and continue to do.

  2. Thanks, Panther, for your ongoing support. Likewise, a Great Thanksgiving to you.