Monday, December 16, 2013


I have just coined the acronym TMF meaning Topless Moms Fighting. If wrestlers over 40 are always titillating, the ones with exposed breasts are even more. Here two cases: Catz Club UK Debra vs Sam and a vintage match whose source I could not identify.

Right around the corner, NMF is coming: Naked Moms Fighting (lol).


Please, take notice of the two very first videos (parts 1 and 2 of the same bout) in the Blog Movie Theater down the page; they are old but of high visual quality. I had never seen it before and it seems from Golden Girls featuring a very young Treena Collins. As our beloved fighter apparently is a Blog reader, she could well confirm my guess.

Well, it seems YouTube thinks Treena is too sexy to stay online since they have removed the above mentioned video; let me try to fix that.


  1. Catz Club is based around the Nottingham area in the U.K.and as produced fights for some time now,although it may sound silly some of the more recent appear to have become rather tame.
    Interestingly the first time many fans saw Simone the head of Bitch Fight UK was working for this outfit.

  2. Second Video is a Joan Wise video you can tell because of the background settings. It's part of the JV collection.

  3. I saw more of this first fight years ago and it was brutal. Between rounds the girls were friendly towards each other, laughing and comparing the welts and terrible scratches each received from the other . When the next round started, they were all business as they seemed like mortal enemies , trying to maim and hurt each other; really hardcore cat fighting with bad intent.

    The nasty scratches/welts they inflicted to each others breasts was scary. I always wonder where they found such nuts willing to make such a video ... they couldn't have been paid much so WTF ?