Monday, December 23, 2013

Interesting Product Line, But It Could Be Better

This producer is new to me and brings hope that the female fighting business will keep afloat through this low cost production style. Sexy Fem Wrestling is using Clips4Sale as sales and delivery vehicle (as many in the fetish industry) and has chosen a specific combat style: topless women applying pro-wrestling holds based in defined scripts. Ok, so far, so good. But why not learn from other outlets with similar ideas and improve? Do you remember Wrestling Lounge? They produced hundreds of short clips - I suppose profitably - with a huge catalog of wrestling holds shot in a home based studio. However, they chose not to emphasize the erotic side dressing their fighters with (relatively) prudish swimsuits. Would be Sexy Fem Wrestling more successful if they have blended the topless attire with Wrestling Lounge variety? And if they have used Laputa Japanese extreme holds, sales would be even better?   

By the way, the video above contains extracts of Best of Seven and Mindy´s Wrestling Scenes.

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