Monday, December 30, 2013

The Same Old Story

Catfight Fantasies deliver the goods they announce, that is, women brawls with a story. Of course, do not expect "War and Peace" but they set the stage for a catfighting using realistic locations - and not a basement or hotel room.

The two film whose samples are shown - "Laying Down The Law" and "The Trip" - have campy scenes of moderate interest, with nudity and wrestling holds. However, guess what happens in the end? The very same lesbian violence which abound these days in the likes of Ultimate Surrender and others. Fortunately, with more discretion but spoiling the script.    


1 comment:

  1. WELL-SAID !!! ...

    [" ... but spoiling the script." ... and that's putting it mildly (imho) ...]

    Whoever dreamed up these scenes within these story plots is beyond help ... It can only be for want of desperation on top of degeneration (translation: It's totally fucked-up beyond salvage ...)

    If seeing the entire film would make for a better judgment, I'd be the first to have an open mind but then again who knows what the director had in mind ...