Monday, January 6, 2014

Battle of Stars (37): Competitive And Sexy

This is certainly one of the best competitive fights of all times involving two stars at their peak: Nadege and Anne Hurricane. Look how they combine strength and technique in those magnificent bodies. Despite being friends, they take the bout seriously and holds are applied to hurt the adversary. As expected, Nadege is superior but Anne put up a good challenge. 

The sample is part of Beka AS 56, a tournament with other known wrestlers like Suzanne, Puma and others.


  1. Simply great footage. 2 great competitors who look so good together on the mat.

  2. From above:

    "Simply Great (emphasis added) footage, etc. ..."

    Well-said and Fully agree.

    Both women are Superb and among the Creme-de-la-Creme in the fem wrestling world.

    ( ... and I should probably copy that for All who participate in the Beka/AS Film events, too.)

  3. I love the way Nadege has her in a scissors around 0:48-0:58 of the clip and rolls her around and stretches her legs out to add tremendous pressure on her head. When this match happened I think Nadege was only about 21 or so. Her legs do quite a lot of damage to opponents and not only Anne Hurricane who is very talented too. Great to watch. Both have great bodies! :)

  4. I wish you had footage of when Nadege wrestled these two German girls Suzanne and Renata a few years earlier. The matches were seperate of course. She tore them both apart and Suzanne was a victim twice with her. In Renata's bout it showed one of the greatest pins I've ever seen and seeing Renata trying to get out is so exciting. Great clip of Nadege and Anne. Loved it of course. Thanks.