Monday, January 13, 2014

Isamar & Izamar

It used to be Isamar - with a "s" - Gutierrez, that woman with rounded breasts and buttocks, thighs as sequoia trunks, powerful, with a tatoo like a thong string on the hips. She became a regular presence at Academy´s films, specially in the SOAP series, with the traditional and (in)famous sex toys finale. With the producer close down, she has naturally moved to Ultimate Surrender, a company that uses a similar scenario.

I always had the impression Isamar was a real fighter and not just an actress; by the way, Ultimate Surrender has some level of competitiveness and our beauty does very well in the ranking. So, it was not really a surprise when I got to know she is performing BJJ combats, with no staging at all and few moves off limits. More, that she has a store in Clips4Sale, where these goods (along other genres of varied quality and interest) can be found; now, she is Izamar, with a "z". Her body is not as sexy as before, but it still teases me.

I have below a sample of both incarnations of her: first, for Academy, in SOAP 259 against Tina; second, for Ultimate Surrender, against Bella Rossi; and last, for her store, against Cheyenne Jewel. Notice she has added spicy to the usually boring BJJ: fighters are topless; that feature can evolve for even more interesting outfits ...

As a bonus, let us enjoy a rear view of Isamar/Izamar before the tattoo.



  1. Wow! Didn't know US was ever that competitive, and they found a girl who could pretty well handle her. Looks like that BJJ was shot at the Academy location. I heard the guy who ran that passed on. Would be nice if they could find someone to take over. Lots of great talent came out of that company. As always, thanks for your great blog!!

  2. Yes, Academy´s owner, Bruce, passed away in 2011. I don´t know if there is somebody else running the business: apparently there isn´t.
    Thanks for your remarks.