Monday, April 7, 2014

17 Pounds Of Crabs

I mean, seventeen minutes of Boston Crabs, of course. I have put together my favorites examples of that painful and decisive hold from all sorts of genres: US and Japan Pro-wrestling, catfights in lingerie, topless semi-competitive, domination in bikinis and the best ones - nudes.

To be precise, there is 16m48s of footage, split in two sections. Unfortunately, I do not have the provenance of most of the scenes; however, I can identify Academy, Double Trouble in two cases, Dragon Films, Laputa and Wrestling Lounge. 


  1. The girls who pretend to torture their opponents are inevitably very well mannered! They always seem to ask, "Do you like it?" That is really polite! :) LOL

    Fun (and funny!) collection! Thanks!


  2. Always a great hold in female fighting apart from the ones that are obviously staged.Usually good weakeners leading up to the hold which usually but not always produces a screaming or pleading submission especially when applied by powerful women.