Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Starting The 7th Year

To celebrate the Blog sixth anniversary, something out of ordinary: a full combat video, very likely not available nowadays either from the original producer or any legitimate successor. It is a Lady Hawke production, one of the best competitive bouts promoter in the pre-Internet times of VHS tapes. And a quite rare feature for LH: two topless fighters, Christi and Dakota, challenging each other´s triple S: stamina, strength and skill; thirty five minutes of entertainment in four parts. 

Thanks everybody for your continuous support, comments and suggestions. I hope to be around in the next 365 days and beyond...


  1. A Ton of Thanks for that ... These Lady Hawke products are all First-rate and Damn well done. I would only add Super to what you've said and make that a quadruple S. I've bought some of these products already and can say they're among the best I've ever bought. (Hope to buy more, too.)

    Separately, Double Much Congratulations on reaching the 7th year. The composite collage of those famous fems at the top is very appropriate.

    Let me just say it's we who owe you for all your continued Support and Dedication for All you've done and continue to do ...

    You don't just flip a switch and expect everything to run on auto-pilot so rest assured I take nothing for granted for all you do ... only a hell of a Lot of Appreciation for everything.

    Much, Much Thanks for Everything ... Past, Present and Future.

    1. Wonderfully stated. I concur completely. Love these two women for what they brought to the mat.

  2. Thank you for everything ! Your blog is the BEST,and so appreciated.We both have the same taste,and this from LADY HAWKE was GREAT ! Both women were excellent. I would like to see more videos set up in multiple parts like this ! It's a great idea,and many times its so frustrating when you cannot see it all.Again,thank you.

  3. Well done on the first seven years long may it continue.
    I hadn't realised till now that my own first effort appeared on the 4.3.2007 and ran for some time before it was taken off line for no apparent reason.
    Congrat's from Klaus and team at

  4. They say this is a rematch; but I can't find the tape where they fought the first time. Was it topless also?