Monday, May 19, 2014

All Flavors Of Cross-Pins

A decisive wrestling hold (most of the times...), cross pins can be erotic, too. The vision of the loser, struggling to get free of the dominant fighter who uses her weight and arms to squash the victim, can be very entertaining, specially with adequate suits and camera work.

 The 10 minutes video contains cross pins in many forms and scenarios: fighters in gym gear, high cut leotards, topless and nude; skilled and amateurish; decisive and not so. You can apply these qualifiers as an self-exercise watching the following excerpts: Festelle FV-145 (with the gorgeous Luna), DWW Petra vs Vera (peerless butts), APL 325 (beauties, pure and simple), DWW 376 Clara vs Xana (hard fought), WAR (?) Josephine vs Tina (decisive), FOM 536 Luzia vs Clara (competition at its best) and APL 121 with Venus DeLight (another peerless butt...).  



  1. Nice to see a selection showcasing my favourite finishing move. Unfortunately, the cross-pin seems to be used less these days in female pro wrestling compared to older times when it was almost universal. Perhaps now you could give thought to a selection of my other favourites, such as the matchbook (sunset flip, whatever), ceiling hold (Romero?) and the sleeper. Anyway, thanks for this lot!

  2. always loved the cross body pin. Breast against breast, shoulders pinned, one leg hooked to prevent a kick out.