Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Thanks To Bicikoze,...

... Hajtepofoko, Mamuzmenn, Azsebathomi and many others YouTube uploaders of good female fighting videos, mostly from the topless category and with a fleeting life on that site. Very likely inhabitants of Cjekorsktinnia and Tralovxzaz, they have contributed a lot to the current state of abundance of combat images. As YouTube has increased the limit of videos in a playlist - it was 200, I don´t know the new one - fans can expected more material and also a great deal of updates and removals in our Theater. For how long? Nobody knows...

The short clip below has nothing to do with the subject: just my beloved Susan Strong getting mauled in a old TPC video.



  1. i think the woman giving it to susan is ayeisha. Susan was a very entertaining wrestler, taking on all comers in a all sorts of styles, including boxing.

  2. In the early WISC/TPC days, Susan Strong was the girl to beat.
    Guess it was, like with others for example Manuela of DWW or Lisa-Marie of TPC, a matter of time until someone did ...