Monday, May 12, 2014

Another Lost Opportunity

Female fighting and lesbian acts: it seems that one does not come without the other in our times. Look at this GARCON video, the well known Japanese producer, famous for its long duration films. Right at the presentation, you find well chosen catfight girls, beauties with angry faces and dressed as sluts in sexy high cut leotards. They have slim frames but beef and curves in the right places. Aggressive staring and skin oil set the stage. The proceedings are entertaining, camera work is good and nudity comes along at the right moment.

However, it does not take long to see the shortcomings. One, very Japanese, is the censorship of vagina images, using that annoying pixelization: when Japan will enter the 21st century? And the second (not shown in the sample) is the catfighting being replaced by a lesbian "combat" with those toys which seem to have infinite varieties.

Honoring its tradition, the full movie has more than 2 hours of duration (less than one "useful", however).

I guess the full video can be found here; the DVD front cover is pure 1980´s porn...


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  1. Agreed with the limitations and rather tedious lesbian catfighting finishes.

    There is a truly good, spirited series of oil submission catfights by a brand called Rocket.

    And I CANNOT recommend this Korean Apartment Catfight offering better... click on Korean Girl Fight Story vol 1

    Beautiful camera holds, a sexy backstory (2 jealous girlfriends settle matters behind their boyfriends' backs at a couples retreat), and gorgeous cut scenes... there is even a series of overhead camera shots and rudimentary english subtitles. Best of all the girls use pro, submission style holds such as the boston crab and lotus lock to wear each other down