Monday, May 5, 2014

One Wrestling Hold And Several Thoughts

This post goes from the particular to the general, from a specific wrestling hold to the present status of female fighting. The fighting move is the Octopus, an exquisite body arrangement used in pro-wrestling scenarios to demonstrate the ability of one combatant and the opponent´s humiliation and pain (controlled, of course). The victim has one arm and one leg trapped while having the other woman´s weight over her neck: far from comfortable, isn´t? Better to see a picture :

One could say it is an alien creature and not two women...
The moving images all come from Japan: standard pro, Laputa-style (including an on the mat Octopus version) and a rare nude bout example (unfortunately, this later video is most focused in lesbian business rather than wrestling).

The thoughts are related to the overwhelming amount of female fighting material that appears on the Web in a daily basis. You certainly have noticed the number of new video combats popping up just on YouTube (it is true that some stay there only a few hours, but that is enough time to download them); add DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, plus the dozens of Rapidgator-like sites, the grand total easily reach gigabytes per day. That is in the free side; the about 200 hundred vendors are also releasing material, not at the same pace, however.

Is that a problem? Am I suggesting to go back to the times where we bought one VHS tape (new generations must google it to find what the hell that was) by mail every two months? No, not at all. However, I noticed that I have become more of a collector than a fan: there is not enough time to watch everything and more and more footage is piling up on my hard drives (if every fan is doing the same thing, hardware manufacturers are rejoicing).

With no time to watch everything (I have other interests in life too...), I have to concentrate in sub-genres: rare vintage fights I missed decades ago, nude competitive with submission holds, slim Japanese fighters doing exquisite holds and one or two more. Outside these particular subjects, I might say I am saturated!!!

Funny world.

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