Monday, June 2, 2014

Matchbooks In All Sizes And Types

A blog reader asked for a post on matchbook holds and I realized I had not published anything about it this year. So, there it goes seven instances of one of my favorite moves in the women combat repertoire. It begins with APL 209 (Kristie Etzold vs Linda), followed by "Army Chick Combat" (unknown provenance, but interesting), a TPC fight (?), Ringmaster Girlz production (Stephanie vs Athena), Super Action Fight with Keri vs Jackson, SOAP 194 featuring Sara Ceylon and Madison Young (and a red butt...); finally, two nudes: a quite old California Supreme with Candi vs Fran and a recent one from the APL 697 Darling vs Goldie.


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  1. A very nice selection thanks Astro.