Monday, June 9, 2014

Hair Ties

In the beginning of my career as a female fighting fan, hair pulling and twisting were the first things that came to my mind when I was fancying two (or more...) women in a catfight. Later on, reaching my seniority on this matter (lol), I have learned that there are many other available brawling weapons - and much more entertaining! Video producers have understood that and are giving priority to clothes shredding, mauling of sensitive parts, face sitting and lesbian proceedings.

However, grabbing the opponent´s hair still happens in contemporary catfights. In fact, one producer, CatzReview, has a good piece of the whole action centered on that maneuver; sometimes, every frame of the fight has the women vigorously holding each other by those black, yellow or red threads, while slapping and trying to dominate.

Video removed by copyright owner request (Catz Review)


  1. At one time I considered hair-pulling, twisting and yanking as an added "feature" to the fem-vs-fem event itself (and a good "sideshow" at that) but lately think of it as a "main" feature or genre on its own merits. This entry was Superb ... In order for it to be done "right," hair-pulling has to be mutually balanced (equal give-and-take), energetic and have some real moaning and groaning [but not a hell of a lot of screaming or go overboard (i.e., be tortuous)]. So a good hair-pulling event can't be 1-sided ... This entry is a great example of how it should be "done" (imho).

  2. Hair pulling is essential to a real catfight...that is, a traditional, classic fetish catfight. Hairpulling is a very feminine move, and a primal action and reaction. The more recent additions to female fighting ( in videos at least); face sitting, lesbian oriented struggling and sexual mauling, to me have absolutely nothing to do with female competetion and catfighting and really are just added in to pander to a male audience. However, not all males find that appealing. At all.

    1. Well-said ... except I've seen a lot of great CF's without the hair-pulling. If it's in there and done "right" ... fine ... if not ... no Big Loss if the overall CF turns out right.

      Fully agree with the remainder of your comments. All that you reference sucks more stupidity than the overflow of Niagara Falls (again, imho) and the key world is definitely pander.

      So I suppose it's just to each his or her own ...

  3. Viscious hairpulling accompanied by stinging slaps is treat to watch in a catfight