Monday, June 16, 2014


I know that everybody is watching the World Cup, but we fans have always one minute or two to enjoy our beloved sport. The video below exposes entertaining moments in female fights of all times. The very first one segment has good acting and nude performers; however, I don´t know the source; on the other hand, the second one I know it comes from Academy AX-LP4 The Best of Lesbian Pins (with the submission hold combined with theme of the movie, of course). It is followed by Steel Kittens SK257 Goldie vs Eden, a pro sketch with Pippa L´Vinn that must have sent the victim to a chiropractor, a Joan Wise domination scene and Triumph TC7143.

Ok, you can go back to TV and see if Spain will regain its composure after last Friday´s disaster and England find a way to play football inside a sauna.

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