Monday, July 28, 2014

Catfight Ingredients

You may not appreciate all the ingredients in a cake but you can enjoy the overall aspect and flavor. That occurs with this Maidens of Mayhem video with Venus DeLight (far from her finest years), Page and Kiana. Let me check one by one: plenty of flesh (like), big boobies (like), staring preliminaries (like), sexy outfits (like), breast grabbing (dislike), stripping to nude (like), crotch mauling (dislike), few wrestling holds (dislike), face sitting (like), ethnic variety (like) and victory poses (like). Tallying up the plus and minuses, I got a good entertainment.


You may have noticed that references to Catz Review videos have been removed; the reason is the owner has requested that all images - even samples - should not be used by this Blog.

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