Monday, August 11, 2014

"I Am The Best!!!"

Everybody is aware of the personal preferences range in the female fighting realm. For example, there are people who like the preliminaries: undressing, staring, and so on; others, are enticed by the post-fighting action: arm raising, bragging, humiliation and ... victory poses!  For the very later ones, I have prepared this video, that includes fighting scenes as well. It has: DWW Movies-1061 Mary Ann vs Renata, unknown fighters from unknown producer, a Naughty Supermodels and a Triumph Studios productions, final scenes with busty wrestlers from an unknown source and Woman´s World Video SLV-628 with Jill Monroe. Between the clips, photos from other sources.



  1. Great collection! I love the Triumph Studios clip. You wouldn't know the title of it by any chance?

    1. I don´t have the movie beginning, so I cannot identify it.

  2. Lina the swedish dominatrix looks as if she is enjoying herself as she poses over her well beaten opponent and rubs her foot into her tit.