Monday, October 6, 2014

Old Gems

Sometimes I think I am getting obsessed with the past. Anyway, there goes another post on vintage images of female fighting action, this time from US pro-wrestling in the 1950s (its Golden Age?). One organization, Chicago Film Archives shared several complete combats on YouTube (as usual...), most of them male vs male, but fortunately four with preferred genre. They can be viewed (I hope forever...) on the playlist below.

The art and craft of that period can be fully appreciated due to the high reproduction quality of the footage.

I have added two other movies with the same characteristics I already have uploaded on YouTube.


  1. Those were the days,no posing,no silicone sisters,just girls who want to wrestle.

  2. Great selection again - thanks for sharing.

    This was my favourite era of women's pro wrestling. Tough, tough women, accomplished wrestlers, easy on the eyes. They looked like they belonged in the ring.

    I exchanged a few emails with Penny Banner before she passed away. She was sad that so few matches of hers survived on video. I wonder if she knew about this one?