Monday, October 13, 2014

The Other Side Of A SGP

As most of you know, seasoned veterans in the female wrestling world, the cryptic SGP stands for School Girl Pin, a dominant fighting position, usually ending by a pin fall or submission. They are one of my favorite situations but I am specially fond of a particular scenario: the fight is for real (or they are very good actresses, doesn´t matter!), the girl underneath is struggling to reverse the position and, mostly important, the camera is framing the combatants "amusement park".

The four segments are: DWW FOM-78 Barbara vs Michaela N, another DWW with Luzia, LWS Dark Angel vs Rogue and, the jewel in the crown, California Supreme with Candi.


1 comment:

  1. SGP is essential inclusion in for private matches.
    The sound of struggle from the victim who slowly vanishes between the thighs and crotch of the dominating Women/Girl is very erotic especially if the dominatrix has a fine bush.I love the point just before the end when the victims mouth is covered so that she can taste the sex of the woman on top.Brilliant !