Monday, October 27, 2014

Wet & Wild

It is a curious sport: 90% of the action is... not visible! It is the water polo, where spectators only see heads and arms of athletes. But entrepreneurs of female fighting have realized that interesting action under the water can be viewed - specially in these days of high cut swimsuits. Below, watch several gorgeous women from several national teams competing in the European Water Catfighting Cup.


Thanks to a fellow benefactor, the Blog Theater has two entertaining (and long) clips in the playlist top positions featuring one of my fighting goddesses: Luiza, from DWW, here in the loosing end. Unfortunately, those magnificent breasts cannot be seen in full ... nothing can be perfect on a Monday...


Well, Monday is getting better with additional fights from Foxy Combat just further down the Blog Theater playlist; but, of course, these ones will soon go away...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for this clip of Water Polo. I always knew stuff was going on under the water that we never saw from reading about it but we finally get to see it in this clip.

    Also , thanks for the heads up on the Foxy Combat clip. I think if some professional Hollywood producer decided to promote female combat, they wouldn't be able to do it any better than Hana does.

    I have to assume she must be pretty well off financially in order afford such high quality equipment, the most gorgeous models . locations and probably the best web site on the topic. Maybe she ended up marring some rich DWW fan ??? LOL

    Also, the incredibly hot descriptions of the matches ... including the sex fights ... are written by Hana herself ( she told me so in an e-mail a few years ago. ) Just reading some of her descriptions of some of the sex fights have you sweating before you're through reading them, LOL.

    Everything done on Foxy Combat seems to fill every wild fantacy we've all had or have ... and done to perfection. Hana REALLY understands what we see as sexy about this whole thing and brings it to life better than anyone.

    About 100 years ago when I would stay up to all hours to see the 15 second catfight in a movie , I couldn't have imagined it would ever be this good !!