Monday, November 3, 2014

Missed Opportunity (Once More)

It is not the first time I comment on videos that could be a triple AAA for women wrestling fans but ended as an A or even as a BB+ grade. It is the case of these two Iron Belles concoctions with huge (I mean HUGE) women naked or almost there: the first features Muscle Foxx and Treasury Megan and the second Avalon and Nikki Jackson. The problem is the amount of time spent on boring (for us...) scenes: lift and carry, body worship, pillow war (!) and so on. What about insert fighting (even staged) moves in the script? The nude grapevine shows potential. More: Megan´s frontal wedgie would be adorable in a matchbook pin...



  1. I with you - I love the big strong women, but let them wrestle. My dream match remains Amber Deluca versus Debra D'andrea. When they're finished wrestling, then they can enjoy each other's company :)

  2. The second clip had more potential; a test of strength and a headscissors. And I heartily agree big buff women are sexy as hell. But a camel clutch thrown in would have rocked.