Monday, February 9, 2015

In The Raw For Real (31)

Almost two years without a post in this series... time to add some action! For the first time, I show up an Amazonen Sports video: it is AS049-2, featuring Jittka and Jana. I like pretty much the common face and bodies of our naked wrestlers. Less favorable is my opinion about the competitiveness: in some moments of the bout, it seems the wrestler on top does not to want to submit the opponent. It has made the cut for this series by little.


In a side note, I got to know the emotional good-bye of Gunther R., the creator of the legendary DWW that brought to us hours (or days, considering the vast amount of material they shot) of pleasure.


  1. I know the piracy going on really set G.R. off , and rightfully so ; Marty from Cal Wild Cats felt the same way. I don't blame them. A lot of people seem to thing these wrestling videos just appear out of no where without any cost to anyone.

    Sorry to see DWW and G.R. go , especially in this way for these reasons. Few producers have provided as much for us fans as DWW did .

  2. Yes, it is a shame free stuff drives good companies out of business. As a consumer I love all the great free stuff, but lately I've been buying just to support my favorites and help keep them in business.