Monday, February 16, 2015

Where Are They?

ECNWC is one of my favorites sources of fighting videos; or better, it used to be, as they have not post anything new lately. Those all the way catfights, with luscious women (including my crush, Treena Collins) are missed by the fans. This Asia vs Lycinia shows the virtues (and the failures: bad camera work, for example) of the Extreme Catfighting and Female Wrestling productions.

Does anyone know what happened to them?


  1. No, I don't know but agree about them being the best producers of 'real' catfights . The first stuff I saw of theirs was the video titled ' Three Shorter Fights' and it's still my favorite catfighting video of all time. It was the first time we saw Jenn ( We Bring It ) as she kicked Vira's ass ( Vira's Apt Fights ) in one of the fights. Another had a Hispanic girl brutally attacking a blondes crotch ...having her screaming a submission only minutes into the fight while many looked on and a third with a merciless girl names Kensie beating and humiliating her opponent by refusing to stop rubbing her pussy in the others face even after she quit.

    I'd have bought everything they ever produced but when they changed over to DVD's, I couldn't get them to play on my equipment ; DVD players or computers without them stalling, skipping and finally freezing . But I loved their stuff and although the camera work and equipment wasn't 'professional grade' , that seemed to add to the realism of the fights - like a friend of yours was there and filmed it for you because you couldn't be attend.

    Yeah, I still visit their site to see if anything new has been added but like you say, nothing has for quite awhile. Maybe something will eventually be added as they never added new stuff at the rate of the other 'professional' producers of this stuff.

    I miss their stuff, too :<(

  2. Yes I too have most of their stuff. Sad that they have not produced anything for a year or two. One of their best was Kelly vs Savannah. Hope they release something new soon

  3. best i ve ever seen vs hollie vs gemma.kelly vs savannah haven t seen

  4. Can't find Kelly vs Savannah listed on their site ; maybe you meant Kelly vs Sarah ??

  5. Though I loved their stuff , I always thought how liable the arrangers of such fights could / would be if one girl got hurt to where she had to to to the hospital ; broken nose or fingers, concussion, etc.

    Even if both girls signed 'releases' I think a lawyer could make it useless as used toilet paper if one girl wanted to pursue a lawsuit.

    Wonder if that ever happened to Crystal ... or maybe that's why ECNWC is no longer active ? Hope not, but if the wrong people caught onto what was going on I could see someone blowing the whistle and putting a stop to it.