Monday, March 16, 2015

Fashion & Women Combats

It is no wonder that the women combat scenery has been influenced by the bath and sport fashion along the years. After all, our objects of desire (sorry for the politically incorrect expression...) have their genre innate capacity to change their looks from time to time (to keep us forever in love...).

In this case, the fashion refers specifically to the piece of clothing used to protect their bottoms. From 1930s up to 2010s, there has been an evolution - or rather, an expressive reduction in the fabric necessary to compose the bikini. I guess the one used by the fighter in the first segment could be able to produce one hundred thongs like the outfit worn by the girl in the last part...

The video displays a fight from Germany (1936), Judell Dulong, California Supreme, Beka, Festelle, Woman´s World Video and DWW (two segments).


Folks, thanks for the interest in joining the "Female Fight Theater Club" but that will not be necessary: Blogger has reversed its plan of forbidding full nude images. Therefore, you may continue enjoying my ramblings on the women combat scene.

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