Monday, March 23, 2015

Floating In The Air

One of those impossible holds in a real combat, the reverse ceiling hold (or reverse Romero) has a curious resemblance with a dance movement where partners are face to face simulating a sexual act. The victim is at the same time on top of the opponent but immobilized. No wonder women combats get so many fans!

The first sequence has a somewhat funny sequence from Lady Sports?, RaslinGal? with our ladies engaged in a sub-genre called "talking wrestling"; second and third scenes are from a specialist in displaying a great variety of holds: Wrestling Lounge; Steel Kittens comes along next, followed by professional wrestling from unknown sources. The video is capped by a sequence of pictures where the best come from the holds catalog expert, STJ.



  1. I think I just found my candidate for most unrealistic pro wrestling hold :) My favourite is big Shelby Beach is one of the pro wrestling segments

  2. WOW ... can't thank you enough for posting my favorite hold/position in female wrestling. The very first time I ever saw a female pro match when I was a little kid this was the hold the two women two got into that just lit me up , but was used slightly different.

    It started as a test of strength with the girls locking fingers above them with one eventually getting the other down and straddled her in a pin attempt. The two then mutually interlocked legs with each other in a grapevine and try and out muscle each other ; the one on top trying to stay on top while the others tried to roll her over and get the top position, the whole time they keeping keeping their legs and fingers locked. The exchanged the top position a number of times before rolling into the ropes and being made to separate.

    Seeing those women leg-locked together face to face like that screwed me up for life !! Later of course I found out that the hold was called a grapevine but though I have seem many may matches with it used , I never saw it used again as a test of strength like I did then ... but I'm still hoping and looking to see it again ! This posting , especially the first sequence, is close so Thank You !! :>) :>)

    Anyone knowing a female match having what I just described, please post the info !

  3. first part is from FWR, fem wrestling room, i think

  4. Could I get the source video from you on the 2nd Wrestling lounge clip? With the girl in red vs girl in black? I have not been able to find it anywhere

  5. It is from Video #329 Rene vs Stefanie

  6. Superb female submission hold.The almost instant cries and pleads of submission explain its effectiveness hope to see more