Monday, April 6, 2015

Catalog Of Nude Holds

In some occasions APL does fulfill the requirements of a pro-wrestling bout... in the nude! It is the case of production #861 with Ariel X (it seems she is everywhere these days: from bondage to pro-wrestling with BJJ in between) vs Carissa Montgommery where our fighters exercise a catalog of pro holds: stretchings, grapevines, boston crabs, headscissors, leg locks, arm bars and more. 

Remark: when the "bald pubis" fashion will cease to be omnipresent and allow the return of the bush?


  1. Nothing sexy with bare crotch, IMHO.

  2. Those are some pretty good pro holds.
    I for one don't mind the bare crotch but to each their own.
    I actually enjoy the outfits in a pro match rather then nudity. The theatre of it amounts to more of my enjoyment overall.