Monday, April 13, 2015

Sub-genre #55

They are practically extinct today but this fighting sub-genre was very popular around the 1990s: catfights in the shower in feature movies - usually in the class B ones (or below...). In nine out of ten cases, they were the so called prison movies, film category buried in the past as well.

Who killed the genres? I bet the culprit was the Web that has been able to fulfill our particular desires in private and with more depth. Why would I go to a movie theater to watch a wet catfight lasting one minute if I can have hours of videos on the subject on demand? An interesting side effect of the personal digital world that deserves a longer analysis.

Enough philosophy: the scenes below are from: Caged Hearts (1996), Femme Fatale, Prison Girls (1992) (featuring Uschi Digard, veteran catfighter), Ten Angry Women, Ten Violent Women (1982), Wanda The Wicked Warden (1977). There are a few other scenes whose source I don´t know.


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  1. Prison Girls came out in the early seventies. I know because I
    went and saw it in 3D at the neighborhood adult cinema.