Monday, June 22, 2015

Good Ol´ Days

Mildred Burke was very successful hiring pro-wrestlers for her nude bouts in the 1970s (or 1960s??). Up to now they are my standard in that category of women combat. I thought those fighters had not appeared at any relevant broadcast pro-wrestling event; however, I have recently found that at least one of the women in the Mildred´s roster, Sandy Partlow, had shown up in a ring in front of the public. 

In the video one can firstly watch Sandy against Kandi Maloy, Dawn and Wendi Richter following the scripts and wearing the outfits of that time. Then, already working for Ms. Burke, in a bikini ring wrestling against Cheryl Day (who I think participated in broadcast fights as well) that evolves to a nude bout but keeping the pro-wrestling moves and holds. 

Two curiosities in this footage:

- the hammer lock gestures by Sandy in the fight against Kandi is basically the same in the nude section;

- Cheryl Day and Sandy wear scanty masks to... protect their identity ??? 

Note: a Blog´s friend sent to me this link with information on Sandy Partlow career.


  1. Well Astro, I think you have exceeded yourself with this latest posting. I thought I had seen all of the Mildred Burke nude offereings (so well summarised on this website in February 2011), but I have never seen this match, or realised that Sandy Partlow participated. She had a long and honourable career in female pro wrestling (see for details) and as we saw in this video, was good enough to beat Wendy Richter. Up until now, I thought the main players in the Burke series were Cheryl Day (who did wrestle professionally) and my favourite Casey Carr (who didn't seem to perform outside of Burke's videos). This video sems to have been done somewhat after the others (less hair downstairs for one thing) and, wonders of wonders, features a crossbody pin ending (love it), whereas the rest were all submissions. Thank you for putting this video together.

  2. Excellent work - thanks so much! Both women were very capable pro wrestlers, Sandy a tough heel and Cheryl had some success in Japan.

    There's a very interesting clip of a topless pro wrestling match in France in front of an audience somewhere on YT