Monday, June 15, 2015

Curvy Women In The Ring

The three fights below from Raslin´Gal (Leather & Lace) have several attributes that I am fond of. Firstly, the women are full of curves, mounds and beef - not too much, not too little, they are just right for their age. Secondly, the body search performed by the referee is a nice erotic touch. (In another fight, they have interesting preliminaries that unfortunately have not been used with frequency.) The fight itself follows the pro-wrestling standards without the extravagance of WW´s of today. The erotic side is supplied by a good amount of breasts and crotch fondling, wedgies and lesbian activities. Kudos as well for the camera work and general production quality.

However, for my taste, there is room for improvement. For example, I would like more pro-wrestling holds such as F4leglocks, Ceiling Holds, Boston Crabs, from the huge catalog created along the years and where the Japanese excel. 

By the way, the fights have come from Raslin´Gal RG-246.


  1. thanks waiting a all time to see L&L vids here

  2. Thanks - I find the prematch inspection so fascinating. It's easy for me to imagine the pro wrestlers of my youth (Wendi Richter, Judy Martin, Leilani Kei, etc, having to undergo a similar search before their matches.

    Of course, this would cause a problem for Moolah - where would she hide her secret weapon ?!