Monday, June 8, 2015

Looking For Something

For some reason I am very fond of nude boxing. It might be the frailty of a woman body fully exposed to the opponent blows, I do not know. However, the expectation of real combats are rarely fulfilled. This sequence of matches shows what I mean in a raising quality grade: the very first one is just an awkward dance, the second one improves a little bit, we see some punches in the third one, until we reach the last one where finally a K.O. happens. 

Did I say a K.O.? Kind of, but better than nothing...

Two notes:

1) fixing a long standing gap in my Favorites Link Section, I have added links to the venerable Leather & Lace producer.

2) there are a couple of topless fighting videos on the Blog Theater; however, video quality is low.

1 comment:

  1. They say sex and violence sells. For me, naked wrestling is sex and naked boxing is violence. For many years I have sought the ideal naked female wrestling match (almost got it with NWWL), but over the last 2 years the boxing has really come to the fore. I still think that currently naked boxing is best portrayed in illustrations such as can be found on Deviantart, but live naked boxing is getting better. It still suffers from the fact that most girls do not like to actually hit or be hit (especially to the head), and they have not been trained to fake it well. I actually prefer a good fake, as like many I don't actually relish the idea of a girl being hurt. Regardless,there is still some good stuff to be found. For years J M Rolen and DWW have put out some good matches. Rolen's are scripted, whilst DWW's are for real, but my favourites so far are Leather and Lace's LL-158 and LL-166. The first one features the well known 'sisters' fight with the oft seen 'slo-mo' segment. But it is the second fight on LL-166 that tops the list for me. In these fights the girls are not trying to hit the head, but in every other way, the intensity is there, and it makes for top viewing. I think that it is quite possible in future that we will see naked female boxing matches in public before we see naked wrestling events.