Monday, June 1, 2015


A vintage fight from TPC (#3-93) has most of my preferred attributes in the women combat fetish: run-of-the mill women, senior looking, mild raunchy aspect (just look at Ayeshia costume in the corner!) and winning attitude. 

It is a long combat (one hour or so) and Leda Lena dominates most of the time. I loved seeing Ayeshia with an old fashioned tanga under a cross pin and showing glimpses of her bush.



  1. Along with my borderline obsession about Beatrice Goffin, can find this one too on along with many Beatrice matches.

    I was of course intrigued because they were supposedly near the top of the food chain with almost undefeated w/l records. Obviously no love lost and a hard wrestling match as both absorb and dish out great punishment. Also appreciated the interview process, which provides insight to their thoughts.

  2. whatever happened to Lena? She was a lot of fun.

  3. By the way, her name is Lena.

  4. Aleysha had that old school pro wrestler vibe to her - I liked it :)

    I may have read somewhere that Lena was also a pro wrestler?

  5. I afraid the good ole days are over for good. I keep hoping to find more matches like these, but I know there are few left. Seems like most of what's being produced today is about sex, mixed or badly faked.