Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Alert: A Classic On The Theater

It is might be the first time a full California Wildcats video appears on YouTube and it is nothing less than Desert Duel, a gang dispute settled by a catfight between Le Dawn and Precious Pink. 

It is in the top position on the Blog´s Theater (for x minutes....).

To my surprise, this nude video is still available on YouTube after five days... Does it have a so bad resolution that the censors cannot see the intimate parts? (lol).


  1. Hmmzz ... yes Le Dawn vs Precious Pink in a dessert setting. a classic! Both women came on my radar when I was a teenager. Le Dawn also performed for Napali Video as did Precious Pink who also was active in BDSM. Don't know if they were dancers, messy wrestlers or adult stars? Anyway, Le Dawn vanished as quick as she came but Precious Pink re-appeared in a special about Catfighters on the Jerry Springer Show in which she was brought as a challenger to catfighter/wrestler/adult star Blake Mitchell (apparently had a brief relationship with Jerry) . For this show Precious & Blake did a catfight starting in leotards untill they were naked. Since Precious threw Blake's leotard in her face I'd imagine Blake got stripped first. I had this show & catfight on tape but somehow lost it :( Feel free to mention if you still have it :)