Monday, July 20, 2015

Sub-Genre #30

When I was just a junior fan of women wrestling, I liked the occasional use of ropes by the "villain" to tie up and beat the adversary. One would call the trick a bondage forerunner - practice that I am not into. Later on, Amazonen Sport (ASFilm) fighters used the resort with a twist: on the nude. And a catfight producer - Woman´s World Video, changed the idea in several combats where the loser was fastened using either her bikinis or conveniently available tapes.

Two years ago, DoomMaidens decided to make the tying up the combat goal: fighters were supposed to use ropes to immobilize the opponent and get the victory (worth noting they called the video "Bondage Wrestling").

The video below has the whole story with segments of 1950s pro-wrestling, ASFilm, Woman´s World Video and the above mentioned DoomMaidens production.



  1. Thanks again for putting together another great collection. My favourite, as usual, is the pro wrestling, the women from the 50s really knew how to sell the pain :)

  2. Oh, I loved when a heel tied her baby-face opponent in the ropes and tortured her.