Monday, July 27, 2015

No Way Out

I have recently noticed a gap in my catalog of published wrestling holds: the dreadful small package hold. On top of the suffering, the victim is forced to fully expose the crotch to the audience.

The scenes below convey the best hold examples. It starts with a couple of  Wrestling Lounge´s, whose director knew very well the attraction of grueling holds; for Double Trouble, Helena teaches Frankie Zappitelli how to get in trouble; one interracial fight from Woman´s World Video opens the topless section that is followed by a Lady Strong Style production; the nudies part begin with Academy´s SOAP142 Izamar vs Chantel and ends with a top example from Japan (unfortunately blemished by the bad quality video. And all of these mixed with pictures, mostly from STJ Wrestling.


  1. Painful and humiliating at the same time. You have to feel sorry for the unfortunate victims.

  2. Been on both sides of this one.
    If you grab your opponents ankles and pull while thrusting your hips up.. well guess.