Monday, October 19, 2015

More Curvy Women In The Ring

As in a former post, I reviewed a recent production of Leather & Lace/Raslingal, kindly provided by the company. They are looking to fill the gap in the nude pro-wrestling segment void since NWWL departure (here I meant pro-wrestling choreography with naked girls rather than naked girls just rolling around in a sort of lesbian act).

The movie features Sarah Brooke and Andrea Rosu. It begins following the usual producer style, with fighters in lingerie being "searched" by the referee. I liked very much the wrestlers bodies, solid beef molded in generous curves, very suitable to the pro genre. On the other hand, I don´t feel necessary to start with underwear (btw, very unsexy) and undressing only later on.

Regarding the wrestling,  I was expecting more: moves and holds are still lagging behind the best pro choreography, not only the above mentioned NWWL but mainly Mildred Burke. Or, coming to my mind right now, the Japanese technique, specially the ones used by the Laputa girls: could you imagine Sarah and Andrea doing what they do? There is a moment in the combat when a figure four leg hold was the way to go: but, no, they miss the chance...

As in other producer videos, video quality is high, specially the camera work. The whole thing is available in this clips4sale store.


  1. thanks for this post. please show more

  2. THANK YOU for this post. Until now I did not know Andrea's last name or that she wrestled at all. I only knew here from a site called 'Legs Ultra' and have been drooling over her legs ever since.

    I fantasized about her and another girl from that site who also has thick, muscular legs named Annie Mae , locking up in a grapevine
    test of strength.

    So with this new info you provided I found her site and I e-mailed her and asking if such a custom video with the two of them would be a possibility :>)

    Seeing this just might kill me but what a way to go, LOL.