Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nancy Interview & Santana

As promised, I am posting the Nancy (a.k.a. Raven) interview done in the beginning of Video Sports V060 fight commented elsewhere.



In a sad note, I learnt that the veteran Santana passed away Yesterday. She worked for Steel Kittens, Double Trouble and others (not sure if one Santana who worked for California Supreme and Women Warriors is the same woman). It hard to believe such a young and charming woman has died. Apparently this news is related to her. Should anyone knows details, please post a comment.



  1. After a very quick check, a Facebook source says she apparently was murdered by her boyfriend, who then committed suicide ...

    Absolutely horrifying ... sickening ... and damn bad ... Not knowing the full story, I can only say at this time if her boyfriend was to blame (and in most domestic violence cases, provided this was one of them, he is), the only "good" part about this is that the boyfriend committed suicide (again, if he was to blame) ... (imho)

    It's just so damn bad this damn bullshit happens in the first place ...

    (If interested, go here and scroll down till you hit the contributor named Jon Bakken, who submitted his comments from Ed of STJ Productions.)

  2. So sad about this. I've been a fan of Santana for many years.

    1. Damn. I loved her videos. RIP Santana

  3. You can contribute to her memorial fund and learn more about the person behind the performer on

  4. Her name was Tina Lawrence and there are LA area articles that say the same thing that Panther100 said above. Her much younger boyfriend killed her then committed suicide. She was a cutie