Monday, October 12, 2015

My Fetish

I don´t get tired of talking about the changes in the women pubic hair shaving style. And its impact on female combat entertainment.  There was a time when full bush was the norm. To my excitement, when bikinis got more revealing, even glimpses of intimate hair would add points to a otherwise regular fighting video. Below we have some examples from Joan Wise (Helena vs Sofia and Treena Collins vs unknown) and Festelle Bindi vs Rubi. 



  1. Recent thoughts from girls in the film business(Hollywood etc.)is that a full bush is back in fashion and a number have been quoted in celebrity mags as having cast aside the razor.

  2. I have also noticed over the last 30 years that Bush have changed.In the 70s/80s full bush was popular but the trend gradually changed.
    Thankfully full bush appears to be popular again especially among older women/MILF.Nothing better than to see a Full Bush head scissor or face sit especially a submission