Monday, November 16, 2015

Head To Head

The double headscissors hold never loses its appeal regardless of being staged or not. There is even a blog specialized on the subject. From my side, I am always looking for good cases on my archives. I may recommend the three ones below.

The first scene has my old crush Jill Monroe for Flamingo, followed by Veve Lane vs Rapture for the specialist ScissorGoddess and tailed by a nude case from DWW with Lucille and Nikita.



  1. Yeah, every time I see something with Jill Monroe I think of how bad I wanted to see her paired off with my own favorite wrestler of all time , Charlene Rink. I used to think I HAD to happen, for how could a couple wrestling companies ( Flamingo and Premier ) with these two sexy wrestlers not get together to have a match between these two sexy women - real, staged or semi-competitive ?? Unfortunately , it never happened :>(

    I just recently discovered Rapture while accidentally coming across Doom Maidens ... Holy shit, what a sexy woman ! I would love to see her matched with another female of similar build ; staged or real, wouldn't matter. Anyone know where I can find more of her wrestling other than Doom Maidens ? Does she have her own site ?

  2. I have one of her semi-competitive fights against Mistress Kara, another big (maybe bigger) and strong dom, though not as cut as Rapture. There is a fantastic part where Kara catches Rapture in a keylock and roughly kisses her. I think it was from Sexy Wrestling Zone.

  3. Thanks for the lead ... haven't looked at SFZ in a long time. I'll kook for Rapture there.

  4. Thank you Astrogalo for these postings. You're really spoiling us. I have seen Jill Monroe in other matches where she is locked in double head scissors with other women, and it was extremely hot !