Monday, November 23, 2015

MMA With Laces

First thing: they are good fighters! Now, if Lingerie Fighting Championships are for real is quite difficult to assess. They are not UFC class for sure, but in some moments I can imagine that a Ronda Rousey in lingerie is in the octagon. In the video below there are noisy slams to the mat, kicks and punches that seem harmful. On the other hand, bruises on the defeated fighters look like make up (in the related fight, punches do not seem to reach the target).

Anyway, I would give them a 8 out of 10 for realism. And the fighter with the white body stocking (Jessie "El Toro" Santos, at 01m:35s) is awesome!

A good half of the scenes above do not have high quality. But these photos from Getty are top notch, making harder to get a verdict (more photos of training here).

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