Monday, November 30, 2015

Nasty Anita

I have a nostalgic post today. It is about one the fighters from Festelle, Anita, who had a tendency to use painful holds (like chinlocks) to get submissions. Neither strong nor a high skilled wrestler, she got a lot of victories using such decisive maneuvers. I bet she did not make close friends in her career...

In the video we see Anita against the beauty queen Luna (E11), Georgia (FV122-4), Susan Tracy (FV126-5) and Tina (FV112-1). The later fight was already featured here .

Note: In fact, in the first segment we have Becky, and not Anita, against Luna.


  1. You say the last fight was at the link you provided ... but during that match I hear the one girl being called ' Georgina ' , not Tina , unless I'm not hearing it clearly.

    Just wondering which it is (the right identification # ) as I want to try and find this match to purchase if still available. Any clarification would be appreciated. :>)

    1. It is definitely Tina and the video is FV112-1. You can buy it here:,17,12,438.html

  2. I must say I was not aware of Anita before - but wow, a nasty piece of work. Her moves at 3:35, 4:05 and 9:45 were very ladylike :) She seems to be a contemporary of Bea Goffin - a few minutes with Bea and she would have regretted her evilness towards others :)

  3. Anita was one of a couple of girls from Sheffield in South Yorkshire and was a natural at wrestling and also boxing.Luna was Luna Winters and featured in many men's mags,some of the later featured her doing BDSM.Susan was of course Susan Strong who I believe moved down under,often her favourite position,but in this case New Zealand.

  4. I was just about to order this from the link Astro provided and then accidentally found the whole thing posted somewhere.

    Watching this match again got me wondering how the hell that guy Jeff got to referee all these matches. Must have been a wealthy guy who helped fund these things is all I can figure.

    I can see him doing it for a fun roll-around but something where you need someone to step in and put his foot down , you need someone who will do just that. LOL, this is what President Obama would be like reffing a match ... as useless as tits on a Nun.

  5. The girl you call Susan is not Susan but Tracy.
    Earlier she was called Karen. You can hear someone in the audience shout her name a few
    times in the clip. Both as Karen and as Tracy
    she made some very competitive nude wrestling.
    Later she got a little more muscular wich gave
    her a very fit and sexy body with in my opinion,
    one of the two or Three most perfect legs and
    but i ever seen!

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  6. Here is a clip from FV125 with Tracy vs Lorraine.

  7. The girl fighting Luna is not Anita but Becky. They do look similar but Becky is a better fighter, not nasty (unlike Anita) and much better looking IMHO