Monday, December 7, 2015

MMA With No Laces (But Still Sexy)

Two weeks ago my post was about Lingerie Fighting Championships, a woman fighting enterprise that mixes real combat with sex appeal (let´s say it has a 7/10 grade for the first attribute and 9/10 for the second one...). 

For coincidence, I have just found the Octagon fights of another company, Extreme Catfighting. Unfortunately, they are not in the business since a long time ago (I had already published a favorable post in 2009 about their ring fights). I say that because they were in the right direction according to the three combat extracts below. I would add one point in the combativeness and take out one in sexiness, compared to the Lingerie Fighting bouts. A good balance. But I would prefer to see the presentation girls in action...

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  1. Anyone know if Sue vs lady match is online anywhere that was an epic match?