Monday, December 28, 2015

Twelve Good Moments In Twelve Minutes

At the year´s end, nothing better than a selection of good fighting scenes. Either few or many years old, all of them are in my special list. In the repertoire you are going to find gorgeous and ugly nudes, professional and makeshift venues, grapevines and double headscissors, staged and competitive bouts, shaved and not shaved privates.

As a challenge, you can exercise your knowledge of the female combat scenario guessing the source of the images. I will give the answer along the week. Happy 2016!

There goes the answer to the quiz:

1) APL 198 - Linda vs Loretta
2) Bare Strength Productions  "Muscle Tussle" - Cindy vs Tami
3) KickAssGirlz - Anjelica vs Emma
4) Crystal Films - Basement Fights
5) Female Wrestling Rooms "Bent Out of Shape III" - Natasha vs Zoey
6) Joan Wise with Treena Collins
7) Les Femmes Fatales V004 - Robin vs Tanya
8) TC Wrestling 058 - Star vs Inferno
9) Festelle Goes to America - Susan Strong vs Amy
10) L Scott LSS 120 - "Pantyhose Fighters"
11) Female Muscle Cougars - Debra D´Andrea vs Carmella Cureton
12) California Wildcats CW216 - "Rough Stuff" - Chantel Lace vs Francesca Le


  1. What an amazing collection! OF the clips, the two muscular wrestlers with full bush takes the prize. Whoever invented shaving should be shot.

  2. Another brilliant compilation - thanks!
    I recognized a few clips - lovely Linda of APL fame in the first one, a fully nude Premier Productions match and my favourite towards the end - Debra D'Andrea versus Carmella Cureton :)

  3. Robin vs Hurricane I believe.

  4. Tami and Cindy were involved in 4 matches with double head scissors. One was for Premier. There was definitely a chemistry between these two regarding that hold. The match with Debra D'Andrea and Carmella Cureton had a hot sequence where they're locked in a double body scissors and grinding on each other until the orgasmic ending. How I would love to see Vicky Gates and Laura Cravelle locked in that hold !

  5. I wish somebody would post the double head scissors action, between Laura Vukov and Kris Luebke from Joan Wise Productions.