Monday, January 4, 2016

Why Wrestling Fetish Fills An Important Sexual Niche In Our Lives

 I have taken the post title from a recent article in the well known Slate magazine, only exchanging "porn" by "fetish". Besides the author own remarks, the text makes reference to a post about the same subject in the online publication Vocativ.

Despite the volume of pictures and videos dedicated to women fighting that have been around for a long time, the "normal" world have not payed much attention to the topic yet. In result, I become interested every time I find any analysis from "non-members" of our select club.

The Vocativ article was written by Charlotte Shane who visited Ultimate Surrender and interviewed Ariel, now a referee and manager in the producer payroll (has she quit the mat?). Unfortunately, the author visited a combat promoter that gives wrestling and porn the same priority. She remarks that the audience is thrilled and excited mostly by the women athletic prowess and fighting skills. However, my point of view is that Ultimate Surrender spoils the attraction of a real bout with its emphasis on sexual maneuvers. And I am considering their combats not staged: at least one first hand viewer confirmed what the company advertises.

I have taken a look on half a dozen Ultimate Surrender fights from my archive. It was not easy to extract decent wrestling holds and moves by cutting scenes with the so called "shame points" - when combatants go to the foe´s privates and stay fondling her for a long time. In the end, not much footage is worthwhile viewing.

The Slate and Vocativ texts fall short in the analysis because they supposed porn is the only selling point in this entertainment niche. A much better analysis (if I could read it...) should be in the Werner Sonntag book "Kampfes Lust" which takes the female combat per se as a fetish source.


  1. Hmmmmmm ... Well - "researched" submission (no pun intended).

    " ... my point of view is that Ultimate Surrender spoils the attraction of a real bout with its emphasis on sexual maneuvers. "

    Yes, Very True ... but I'll go even further and just say (as you no doubt expect from me) that the pornographic aspect just doesn't spoil it ... it degenerates the wrestling aspect because the pornography just sucks so bad in and of itself and when made a part of the (competitive) wrestling aspect it simply makes it even worse.

    To be fair, I have to say I have seen many US episodes where the wrestling is real and (actually) well-done ... (So I confess on occasion where I do save such a video I end up doing so much deletion editing -- deleting all the bullshit pornography -- that I have to "thank" US for sharpening my video editing skills).

  2. I think Ultimate Surrender and other websites like it are kind of the Mainstream Sexual Wrestling sites. I mean that in the sense that they are the first step many (myself being one of them) have taken into the wrestling fetish. Personally I stumbled onto U.S. when I was on some adult website and I immediately enjoyed it, then when I saw past the "porn" and began enjoying the actual competition (Ariel X was my favorite) and wrestling itself I ended up finding blogs like this and have been enlightened with amazing videos.
    I must admit that when I do go back to U.S. now I find it less thrilling than when I first got into it but I do believe it was and is a crucial site for others to stumble upon this fetish.

  3. US (and Academy before it) are interesting sites. I like the domination aspect of it - kind of like the typical heel versus face in pro wrestling, taken many degrees farther of course :)

    I much prefer the matches where the wrestling is (somewhat) skilled - women like Isimar Guitterez, Ariel X , Mistress Kara, Syd B, Dia Z, etc. The Ariel - Kara match, for instance, is a well-fought, tough match between two skilled women.

  4. Thanks for the links ... always interested in hearing about the fascination of FF , especially where/when it began with many of us fans.

    Too bad the book is only published in German, what a great read it would be. I liked the interview of the author but disagree with his answer to the question ;

    "Don’t you think that too much fascination with female combat spectacles and imaginations as an additional stimulant might destroy regular male sexual function?"

    Maybe before the internet when we had to wait weeks for an order to come through or a month for the next publication that 'might' have something about our interest in it (Cavalier for example ) , his answer of 'No' would be appropriate.

    But if you have heard or read about 'Porn Induced ED' due to the internet giving everyone unlimited , instant options quicker than their brain can handle it at the click of a button, I have to disagree with him.

    Any fetish that lights someone up that is over indulged in can desensitize a person to real life. In other words, a man can eventually have problems in a real life sexual situation with a REAL woman if he relies too much on his fetish. Maybe not in the past when unlimited sources weren't available but now with the internet I believe it can be ... or is according to many.

    Though this something I've read about concerning 'hard core porn' but I can see how it could relate to our interest or any other 'fetish' .

    1. I have to agree with the Blog Reader...

    2. Very good talk about this on You Tube . Our interest isn't mentioned specifically, but it's the same message ... type in "The great porn experiment | Gary Wilson | TEDxGlasgow "

  5. Since I am getting interesting comments, I would like to add "my grain of salt" in the debate. As the women in combat business evolved, more nudity and sex were necessary to attract customers. I remember very well my excitement when I saw for the first time a Beka video with nudies in a ring. Later on, many producers came on board in the train of wrestling & body exposure. After exhausting all nakedness variations, porn was the only remaining choice. The biggest producer is Ultimate Surrender but there are a dozen others with similar approaches. Apparently, they are making money. With all niches within the female fighting fetish occupied (I think...) and our desires fulfilled, what will come next???

  6. Agree with the nudity aspect ; it was added to attract new customers that didn't already have a female wrestling fetish. I remember that I wouldn't order even a topless match unless I already really liked the women ... I was just into the wrestling.

    Eventually nearly every match offered became at least topless - even from my favorite producer Premier. Not long after the the nudity came face-sitting and breast-smothers as a regular wrestling 'tactics' , LOL.

    Soon my 'purist' attitude for just real wrestling disappeared and enjoy all of it ; topless , nude, and trib , LOL.

    Talk about becoming 'desensitized' , huh ??

  7. Is there an English translation to Kampfes Lust?

    1. Years ago, I exchanged emails with the author, Werner Sonntag, and he didn´t have plans to have the book translated. It is a pity.

  8. The niches are represented. But I think "filled" they are not. As long as someone else can come along and produce a better female fighting fetish video or site then the niche is not filled. And with the quality what I have seen so far there is room for improvement across the board.
    Female fighting is removed enough from the animal lust in all people that the art depicting it is also easily removed from "porn" and into the realms of erotic art. There is a distinction. And artwork, even erotic, can only get better with time. Porn pretty much serves it purpose and then dwindles from the conscious mind.