Thursday, February 4, 2016

Extra Edition

After have viewed the post My Favorite Folder, a Blog reader mentioned the fight Anastasia Baron vs Shae Seavers in Academy ACA-018-1, where a folding pin had been used with no staging (not visibly, at least). The video was in my archive and I am posting the scene together with other good moments brought by the Bruce´s enterprise production. If I am not mistaken, the attractive located tattoo identifies Anastasia as the victim of the pin.



  1. First time I've seen an Academy match filmed in a ring or any other place than that same, cluttered room that's usually seen. I haven't seen their stuff in a long time but glad to see one of the older ones are still around, though their strap-on finishes were never for me.

  2. Thankyou so much for the video; it's a great matchbook pin. I used to watch Academy..I'm almost positive the girl applying the matchbook is Dallas and the girl trapped in the matchbook is Red. And it's a real one; towards the end you can hear Red sort of cry "Damn you" and Dallas giggles and lets her out. Thankyou

  3. Love your videos. I was wondering if you had SOAP 20; it was Rosie vs. Sabrina West. About 26-27 minutes in Rosie puts Sabrina in a tight matchbook pin. Don't think it's real; Sabrina seemed to like being put in matchbook pins; I think you can actually see her whispering to Rosie to do it. Thanks Mike

    1. Yes, I have it and it is a nice matchbook example. You should remember that Rosie takes Sabrina´s panties down before applying the hold. And that made a difference ... (LOL)

  4. Yes definitely; LOL! I love those Academy videos; so many sexy girls. Thanks Mike

  5. Thankyou for this great website; I found another great matchbook/folding pin on youtube. It's Hania vs. Brittany Blake; about 6 minutes in Brittany just folds sexy Hania in half for the victory. I think it was the 1st of their two matches. Great matchbook pin. Just wondering, were you going to show the SOAP 20; Sabrina vs. Rosie matchbook pin about 27 minutes in----thks Mike.

  6. I never noticed before but about 35 sec in she tricks her by telling her to keep her legs around her neck. This made it easy to get her on her back and fold her in half. I cant quite hear what she says though.