Monday, February 8, 2016

Tapping Out (36): Real Struggle

My dear Mutiny, once more in the loosing end. However, this time she puts great efforts to escape from the powerful legs gripping of Kira. For one moment, breathing heavily, she manages to revert the hold: great! But, alas, in a split second, the blonde regains the advantage and... well, you can watch by yourself.

The fight, MW-224, comes from Mutiny production company; the legs you may see in the left belong to Nadege, the referee.



  1. Though it saddens me to see a fellow Canuck submit, I don't think Mutiny objects too much :)

  2. A great struggle.The sound of the struggle to escape the headscissors which is then shortlived when her head is again slipped beneath those powerful thighs before the final cry of submission.