Monday, August 29, 2016

Battle Of Stars (38): Beautiful Breasts

I was surprised to know that Kristie Etzold was already 33 years old when she fought Lisa Marie in this Joan Wise (?) production. The ever stunning kiwi (from Auckland, to be precise) was lighter than the curled hair woman but that was not a problem to dominate and win.



  1. A little more one-side than I expected, a pretty solid fight though. They had at least one common opponent, Sally Mcneil. McNeil beat both women handily but I thought Kristie put up a better fight.

  2. That's from Les Femmes Fatales video V057; Lisa Marie vs Kirsty Etzold. Kirsty started very good against Lisa Marie as seen from the first takedown scoring an easy submission to Lisa Marie. Well, Lisa Marie came back fast with her own submission and the match went from there. Lisa Marie on the attack, Kirsty on the defense only waiting for Lisa Marie to make a mistake which she did a few times, scoring submissions fron Lisa Marie. Nevertheless did Lisa Marie score more submissions and at the end of the match she demonstrated her dominance over Kirsty on a one sided an humiliating manner.