Monday, September 5, 2016

Split Cradles

I am not 100% sure but the spladle hold name appears to come from the combination of (leg) split and cradle. It is not difficult to find videos where the move is used in male college wrestling. But in the female world they are quite rare.

I could collect a few scenes with spladles (or very similar holds) that I put together below. There are also stills in the video but I will refer to the clips. First one (and the best) is a Wrestling Lounge (with Rene?), then a Lady Hawke with Natasha vs Pepper (btw, a very good combat). Then the full nude incarnations: Academy AX-069 with Chantel Lace vs Crimson Kang and SexyFightingZone with Dia Zerva vs Wenona (that could not avoid the erotic touch).



  1. I miss Lady Hawke - some great wrestling (The spladle even had her arm trapped!)

    Dia and Wenona made their matches always interesting as they actually knew how to fight and looked great doing it.

  2. That last one was the best spladle I ever saw :>)