Monday, September 12, 2016


A Blog reader called my attention to a ring and mat veteran, Grace, who fought for several traditional producers like Academy, DWW, Femwin and others. She could (is she active yet?) take either competitive bouts or erotic staged ones with the same success. 

In this first compilation, we see Grace in competitive mode: Femwin (Kissy), DWW 255-03 (Daniela), DWW A2002-MAT-03 (Fatou); and erotic: DWW TRIB (Nadege).


In the second compilation, we see her fully nude for Academy SOAP (Yana) and Tigra Sports (Christine Dupree and River).



  1. Always fun to see Daniela!

  2. Grace was one of my first exposures ( no pun intended ) to 'trib competition' when I first discovered it ... her along with the wonderful and 'multi-talented' Nadege. : >)

    LOL, the trib stuff back then from places like TPC and CW that rendered me speechless for hours is nothing compared to the stuff out there now !!! :>0

    Such is progress ... LOL.