Monday, October 31, 2016

Sub-Genre 50: Rolling & Rolling

A post on YouTube caught my attention to an old catfight style (that I used to despise) where the women get entangled on the floor and then roll around with legs and arms intertwined, bodies hard pressed one to another. The author even suggested to create a fighting specialty with specific falls and point counts; inventive, at least.

Looking from this point of view, now I have found a bit of interest on the sub-genre, specially the appeal that comes from good camera angles. I got from my archive a bunch of rolling catfighting samples. The best is from Fetish Cuties (specifics unknown) with the whole movie under the style "regulations" (besides the girls are very beautiful).

Segments that follows the initial one are the rolling parts of common catfights: the second one has a unknown source, third and fourth are from Catfight Corner and the last from Joan Wise PC066. 


1 comment:

  1. Yeah ... I saw this YouTube post before and it's Very Good ... The rolling cat competition is a Great Style -- along with so-called cat balling -- if done right (no banging or pounding but a lot of fluid, continuous motion in an intensive, competitive clasp with possible episodes of hair-pulling an added plus). These competitive encounters are one of my Faves.

    As an (Important) aside, I just want to say you're always doing a First-class and Superior job in this blog ... I don't take or expect anything for granted ... Nothing (even in this age of self-driving cars) runs and is maintained by itself so let me just say all your work is constantly Appreciated time and time again ...